St. Jude’s Center

760 Ellicott

Event Hours: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Last Admittance: 3:45pm
Photography and filming permitted
Handicap accessible: Yes
Public Restrooms: Yes
Free public parking: Yes

Offering: Guided tours

Visitor Experience: A carriage house built in 1856 turned into a place of worship in 1968. A haven for consolation for all visiting the Niagara Medical Campus.

Building Description: The St. Jude Center initially was called the Niagara Hotel. It was a bed and breakfast of that day for salesmen and sailors coming from the waterfront for hospitality. It was built by the Hock family. There were five of these building serving the same purpose. The Hock family sold the other four houses keeping the 760 Ellicott property for their own. The reason being it was the grandest of the five houses. It was a private residence for years. In 1968 , Msgr. Edward Ulasezeski purchased the house and lot next door to become a residence for priest chaplains ministering to the sick at The Buffalo General Medical Center and Roswell Park. The carriage house was turned into a chapel in honor of St. Jude, Patron Saint of difficult cases. The first mass was celebrated that Christmas at mid-night. Every year there is a mid-night mass celebrated. The Center is supported by private donations ands remains a training center for pastoral care providers for the Greater Western New York Area. The Center has trained over 3,000 pastoral care providers for the area. The house and chapel have been restored to its original beauty with Victorian gardens surrounding it.